Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Hearts, Phones, Money and The Future

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225This week at Mobile ID World we continued our month long investigation of Vital Biometrics while smartphone news took up much of our attention. mCommerce, as always, was a fixture in the news this week as well, while we also took a look at the bright future of mobility, durability and biometrics.

Vital Biometrics

November is Vital Biometrics Month at Mobile ID World and this week we took a look at three of the weirder applications of the technology in our weekly featured article. In the industry news section we saw a new study surface validating the use of biometrics in medical research and a new solution that can transform a smartphone into a mobile medical lab.

Vital Biometrics Month: Three Crazy Uses For Vital Biometrics

New Biometric Tech Could Turn Smartphones Into Mobile Medical Labs

GlaxoSmithKline Study Validates Biometrics’ Use in Clinical Trials

Smartphone News

Mobility and smartphones are almost wholly synonymous thanks to the growing ubiquity of connected handsets. This week we has news about what Samsung is doing to compete against growing competition from Chinese smartphone manufacturers, a new and novel way to unlock your device, and also a reason to believe the next iPhone will be significantly more shatter resistant.

All of that plus reports on a frighteningly sophisticated Android malware that’s making the rounds and the details of how biometrics fit into the upcoming smartphone from Alibaba and Philips.

Newly Updated Android Malware is Hijacking Identities

Next Evolution of Gorilla Glass is Twice as Strong

Egistec to Provide Fingerprint Sensor for Alibaba-Philips Smartphone

Samsung Cuts Number of Smartphone Models For 2015

Unlock Your Phone Harry Potter-Style

Mobile Money

mCommerce is a constant fixture of our industry news here at Mobile ID World and this week was no exception. New mobile money solutions were debuted this week by ImageWare and SnapChat respectively, MasterCard endorsed the use of biometrics in finance and iWallet gave a friendly holiday reminder for users to be careful of fraud this time of year.

iWallet’s Chadsey Warns of ‘Frenzied Scenario’ for Travellers

Snapchat Unveils mCommerce Functionality

MasterCard Looks to Biometric Future of Security

ImageWare’s New Biometric Commerce Solution To Debut in Germany

The Future

Many of the above articles from the past week are forward thinking, and that is symptomatic of the time of year we find ourselves in. As we move further and further into Q4 2014 we need to start thinking of the coming year. 2015 is looking very filled with opportunity for ImageWare Systems thanks to two announcements it made on Thursday. Apple also looked ahead to the 2015 launch of its Apple Watch with the release of its WatchKit SDK and new advances in carbonics are promising better and cheaper mobile tech in the near future.

Opportunities Continue to Arise for ImageWare

Apple Launches WatchKit, Its Smartwatch SDK

New Carbonics System May Be Future of Mobile Device Development


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