Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Learning More About the Biometric Credit Card

This last week at Mobile ID World we took a look behind the scenes of the Zwipe MasterCard biometric payment card in an interview with Kim Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe AS. In the industry news we saw cloud authentication, mobile healthcare and growing international interest in mobility.

Embracing the Post-Password Paradigm

Personal IdentityThis past week saw Google throwing its weight behind a FIDO Ready universal second factor device from Yubico, reports of improved Android facial recognition and Encap adding Touch ID functionality to its security platform. All three news items feature very different forms of authentication (Yubico’s solution isn’t even biometric) but they have on thing in common: they all offer viable password alternatives.

Google and Yubico Throw Their Weight Behind U2F Support

New Android OS Uses ‘Face Unlock’ Biometric Security

Encap Security Adds Touch ID to Arsenal

Mobility Spreads

It seems like every week there is more to report about the continuing proliferation of mobile technology. In the past seven days, we at Mobile ID World saw Intel investing in biometric tech and Acer throw its hat into the mCommerce race. Meanwhile, KeyLemmon announced that it will be offering biometric security through a new cloud based platform and a report from Forrester Research identified India as experiencing mobile market growth.

Intel Capital Launches Major Round of Investments in Chinese Tech

“Mobile-First” India Presents Enthusiastic Market

Acer Building Its Own Mobile Payment Service

KeyLemon to Offer Biometric Security for Oka’s Identity Management Platform

Health and Finance

It seems like two giant fixtures in the mobile ID industry news this fall are turning out to be heathcare and finance. This past week, Mobile ID world president Peter O’Neill interviewd Zwipe CEO Kim Humborstad about his company’s roll in the soon to be released biometric MasterCard, while news of remote healthcare and mobile community banking rounded out the week.

Mobile Banking is Coming to Community Banks

Calgary Scientific Starts to Walk the Walk with Mobile Healthcare

Sandata Technologies’ New Home Care Package Includes Biometric Monitoring

Interview with Zwipe CEO, Kim Humborstad


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