Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Products, Projections and Partners

Mobile BiometricsThis week our sister site FindBiometrics underwent some major changes, launching its rebranded image and sparking some critical conversations in identity management. Here at Mobile ID World we reported on how mobility and next generation identity management is affecting everything from law enforcement to 3D printed cars.

Here’s a look at the top news stories in mobile ID from this past week:

Wearables and Phone-ables

There is a very good chance that, with the continued release of new smartwatch models by major OEMs like Apple, Samsung and LG, that wearable tech is going to catch quite a bit of consumer traction this year. Stoking the anticipation of the Apple Watch this week (which many believe to be holding back a flood of wearable tech as competitors wait for the device’s launch), we saw the release of an online demo of the smartwatch’s interface.

A new innovation in iris recognition that allows for better iris image capture under direct sunlight had us talking once again about how the modality can be applied to mobile and wearable devices, particularly smartphones and smartwatches. All the while, an award for AGNITiO, fresh from CES kept the new Voice iD powered KIVOX Mobile 5.0 in the conversation too, while BIO-key international made an encouraging announcement about its success in targeting the tier one OEM market with its fingerprint solutions.

Here is the top wearable tech and smartphone news of the week:

Who Watches the Apple Watch?

Gemalto Adds to Roster of African Offices

Apple Eyes Wearable Cameras

New Iris Innovations May Bring Eye-Based Biometrics To The Masses

BIO-Key’s Mobile Biometrics Solutions Give Tier One OEMs Options

AGNITiO Honored By Envisioneering for New Mobile Biometrics Solution

Paying it Vertically

In the vertical markets this week we reported on a new development in the handheld law enforcement world, while two new Natural Security Alliance payment solutions hit the news. In what is easily the most out-there piece of news of the week, EyeLock announced that it has had its iris recognition technology embedded into a 3D printed car. ALl of this serves as a nice reminder that while the consumer market for mobile ID is continuing to heat up, the vertical markets are also healthy.

Sherlock to Help Police with In-the-Field Fingerprint Scanning

EyeLock Iris-Scanning Tech to be Embedded in 3D-Printed Car

Natural Security Alliance Announces Two New Certified Proximity Payment Devices

New Products, New Partners, New Projections

This week also brought with it flase rumors that Samsung had bought out BlackBerry, claims that the Canadian mobile device maker was quick to deny. Sonovation introduced a new fingerprint scanner this week too, while reports came in regarding the bring future in Japanese mobile security, and ImageWare partnered with CA Technologies.

Finally, Xiaomi made a bid in a new direction with the Mi Box Mini – a device that can facilitate gaming and streaming video.

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini Could be Tentative Step Away from Smartphone Market

BlackBerry Denies Rumors of Samsung Buyout

ImageWare To Funnel Tech Through CA Technologies’ Tech Partner Program

Sonavation Unveils New 3D Ultrasound Fingerprint Scanner

Huge Rate of Growth Expected for Japan Mobile Security Market


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