Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Wearables and Drivables at CES 2015

Car of the FutureThis week at Mobile ID World we were captivated, like everyone else, by the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The annual event marks the kicking off of a new year in all things tech – from TVs, to video games, to mobile devices. This year CES had everyone talking about connected cars and the Internet of Things: two major emerging areas of technology that have an enormous overlap with mobile identity management.

Here’s what made the news this past week at Mobile ID World:

Internet of Things

As the curtain fell on 2014 the Internet of Things was frequently making its way into the news. If the buzz around CES is any indication of how 2015 will shape up in the world of Mobile ID, then that’s not about to change. It does bring with it concerns, however, and this week A&D Medical announced the results of its Connected Health Study and the results display the tension between the need for convenience and privacy for connected users.

Voice biometrics have a number of applications in the world of IoT, since wearables, phones and cars demand a handsfree authentication method. To that effect, we saw the unveiling of AGNITiO’s new KIVOX Mobile 5.0 and Nuance Communications’ connected car infotainement solution. Meanwhile, Synaptics was showcasing some exciting prototypes that leverage biometrics thanks in large part to its 2013 acquisition of Validity. The prototypes include concepts with gaming, wearables, identity and connected cars in mind.

Here is the first Internet of Things news of 2015:

A&D Medical Survey Illustrates Privacy Tensions in Biometrics

Connected Car Tech Will Use Biometrics to Offer Personalized Driving Experience

New AGNITiO Tech Can Authenticate Via Natural Speech

Valencell Will Be All Over CES

CES 2015: Synaptics To Show Off Biometric Innovations

Staying Mobile

CES also brought with it the launch of a new biometric smartphone that boasts a very large number of features. Meanwhile in the world of remote healthcare, MobileHelp announced a new platform this week that will heavily utilize biometric technology in conjunction with smart mobile devices. Continuing to bring mobile security to enterprises, Precise Biometrics announced a 2000 unit order of its Tactivo product.

CES 2015: More is More with New “Super Smartphone”

MobileHelp Announces New Remote Care Platform

Precise Biometrics Enterprise Focus Continues to Pay Off

Teaming Up and Showing Off

This week speech and vision biometrics company Sensory announced a new partnership with Nok Nok Labs that will deliver FIDO-certified voice and facial biometric authentication on mobile devices. Another partnership in the news has IDEX working with Trustonic. The teaming will see IDEX’s biometric technology integrated into devices that use Trustonic’s TEE technology.

IDEX and Trustonic Join Forces to Deliver Biometrics to Smart Devices

Sensory Inc. and Nok Nok Labs to Deliver FIDO-Ready Face and Voice Recognition


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