Mobile Interface Alliance Strengthens Smart Car Focus

The MIPI Alliance is strengthening its focus on the automotive sector as the smart car continues to emerge and evolve.

Mobile Interface Alliance Strengthens Smart Car FocusThe international consortium is concerned with interface specifications for mobile devices and related technologies, and is evidently anticipating a growing need for such standards in car making, announcing a new Automotive Birds of a Feather (BoF) Group that will consults with OEMs and their suppliers.

In fact the MIPI Alliance says that auto makers are already using its specifications for things like infotainment and driver assistance systems. Its MIPI I3C specification, launched at the start of the year, is designed to help OEMs in areas ranging from smart cars to wearables to smartphones to integrate multiple sensors into one device; and other standards like MIPI CSI-2, MIPI DSI, and MIPI DSI-2 are useful for “applications that integrate components such as cameras, displays, biometric readers, microphones and accelerometers,” according to a statement from the MIPI Alliance.

But with the growing convergence between the IT and automotive industries, there’s evidently an increasing need to refine such standards with more industry input. The MIPI Alliance says its Automotive BoF Group will initially focus on assessing “how MIPI specifications can potentially be extended  to support communication link distances up to 15 meters, and at the same time support the high data rates associated with cameras and radar sensors for autonomous driving systems.” To that end — and beyond — it’s looking for “qualified experts from OEMs, tier-one suppliers, component suppliers and related companies to provide key input into current and future MIPI interface specifications.”

The invitation extends to MIPI Alliance members and nonmembers, and participants can expect to participate in teleconference meetings on a biweekly basis, with in-person meetings now and then as well.