Mobile Multi-Modal Month – Feature One: The Primer

This month, in celebration of some big changes happening at our sister site findBIOMETRICS, we here at Mobile ID World will be joining in the investigative festivities of Multi-Modal Month. fB published its usual primer on the topic, but seeing as mobility has really come into its own over the past twelve months in terms of identity management we want to take a look at how the various types of diverse strong authentication methods that factor in to the industries Mobile ID World covers on a daily basis.

There are some key differences in the kinds of biometric and multifactor solutions operate in the mobile sphere, let’s take a look at them by area application.

The Big Difference

In terms of mobile ID thinking, efficiency is at the heart of what’s at stake. It all comes down to what we like to term the Post-Password Paradigm: a philosophy that drives strong authentication from an end-user perspective. Passwords and PINs are simply too much work to maintain in terms of best practices. Time is wasted in every instance of a forgotten password, and the mental demands placed on the end user are increased with every new account. Once doubled- up password becomes a vulnerability that can compromise anything from financial information, to email accounts to confidential business information.

In mobility, Multi-Modal thinking isn’t just about diversity, it’s about choices that all lead to the same thing: post-password living.

Webinar: The Password is Dead!

A Problem of Commonality: The Necessity of the Post-Password Paradigm

Federal Agencies Found at Risk Due to Bad Employee Mobility Habits

Fulfilling The Mobile Promise – Interview With Brett Beranek, Nuance Communications

Interview With Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems

Interview with Phillip Dunkelberger, President and CEO of Nok Nok Labs

Bring Your Own Device

A movement that has been pushing the need for strong mobile authentication has been the bring your own device or BYOD trend. The traditional work day was broken open with the introduction of email and the popularization of the personal computer, allowing work to be done from home 24 hours a day. Now that smartphones and tablets have added mobility to that equation, work can be done literally anywhere any time.

With great freedom comes great responsibility though, and the more mission critical business information contained on a device, the greater the need for easy to use strong authentication. The following articles illustrate how the many modes of strong authentication are making work-life integration as secure as it needs to be:

MiKey Provides Augmented Security via Biometrics, NFC and USB

Apple To Expand Touch ID Functionality With Biometric Device Link

The Right To Authenticate: Microsoft Offers Free Multifactor Authentication to Office 365 Users

DigitalPersona TouchChip TCS1 Sensor Selected For BLUEFiN Mobile Fingerprint Scanner


Mobile commerce was last month’s them at Mobile ID World, but it’s driving impact cannot be overstated. People want to pay and bank with their phones and companies want to allow this. The following articles, part of our featured content for May, will give you an idea of what sort of diversity the world of mCommerce holds in terms of strong authentication factors.

mCommerce Month: The Roundup

mCommerce Month – Week 1: The Primer

Logical Access Control

Mobility doesn’t start and end with the smartphone and tablet, but mobile devices sure to make up a large portion of the mobile ID news. The most basic smartphone application for biometrics is logical access control, or more simply: getting past the lock screen.

Take a look at the different modalities that this covers:

Mobile Security Literally In The Palm Of Your Hand

No Fingerprint Sensor For HTC One M8, Does This Mean No Biometrics?

Diamond Fortress Technology Introduces Contactless Fingerprint Biometric SDK

EyeVerify’s Winning Year in the Ring and 2014 Availability Plans

Apple Opens Touch ID to App Developers

Samsung Considering Iris Biometrics on Future Smartphones

Vertical Markets

Mobile ID isn’t just enterprise based and consumer oriented, it also has important applications in healthcare, law enforcement, physical access control and the potential to transform border control operations. The articles listed below will give you a taste of how the many modes of mobile ID are transforming the vertical markets.

Multifunction Biometric Tablet Launched by Morpho (Safran)

Credence ID Launches Trident: Android-based Tri-Biometric Enrollment and Verification Device

How Will Mobility Change The Automated Border Control Kiosks and eGate Market?

Oberthur Technologies Launches Gaurdialys Convergence: Biometric Access Solution

Brain Biometrics For Google Glass

Interview With Kim Kristian Humborstad, CEO, Zwipe AS


Stick with us throughout the month of June as we dive deeper into this topic. Have something to contribute to this discussion? Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #MIDWMonthly to keep the conversation going!