Mobile Payment Will Be Key Topic at CARTES America

From all of the talk concerning mCommerce, biometric payment protection and the new wave of smartphones equipped not only with the capability to authenticate a user’s face, voice or eyeprint, but also with embedded fingerprint sensors, it is easy to consider all of the hype surrounding the topic as just that: hype.

It is not hype, however. A real mCommerce solution is weeks away from resting in the palms of every Samsung Galaxy S5 customer out there with the simultaneous launch of PayPal’s biometrically enabled fingerprint payment solution. It will be the first step major in the direction of a real life, pay-with-your-phone solution, and the recently announced CARTES America (May 13 to 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada), will feature two tracks over two days dedicated to the mobile payment ecosystem.

The conference will be covering topics that seem promising for the conversion of mCommerce skeptics, exploring not only the ways the retail world will win, but also discussing associated drawbacks, concerns and challenges.

“According to Javelin Strategy & Research, one of our CARTES partners, mobile payments in the United States achieved triple digit growth in 2013, reaching almost $60 billion,” said Isabelle Alfano, exhibition director of CARTES America.  “Given the trajectory of mobile payment, it’s clear that both the rewards and risks for financial institutions, retailers and solution providers are enormous. CARTES America is the place where the industry can sort through these options and place their bets on the next winners in this exploding market.”

A comprehensive list of topics to be covered in “Views on the Mobile Payment Ecosystem” can be found on the CARTES America official website. Some of particular interest to Mobile ID World readers concern integration and deployment in a multi-channel world, deploying mobile wallets and the benefits and drawbacks  of mobile point of sale (POS) versus terminals.

There are a number of physical POS solutions in the pipeline, most notably from MasterCard and PayPal. Earlier this year it was also revealed that Apple has been making all of the right moves to indicate an iPhone mCommerce solution is not far off either. With mobile identity technology racing forward into a near future reality, it is excellent to see such a high profile focus from a major North American security tech event.

To register as either an attendee or an exhibitor for the conference visit CARTES America website.

CARTES Asia is currently undergoing its fifth iteration in Hong Kong.