Mobile POS Offers Biometric Security to Merchants

A new mobile POS system offers biometric security for the businesses using it.

Mobile POS Offers Biometric Security to MerchantsThe solution is called ChecOut M, and is being showcased at this week’s Retail’s Big Show event in New York. It supports EMV, NFC, and traditional magnetic stripe card payments, and is compatible with both Android and Windows devices. It also supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G connections.

As for security, ChecOut M offers a fingerprint-based sign-in feature for employees. That could help to protect the POS system even if it somehow falls into the wrong hands.

In embracing such technology, the system is following in the footsteps of the increasingly prominent Apple Pay and Samsung Pay mPayment platforms, whose use of fingerprint scanning is helping to familiarize consumers with biometric authentication for transaction verification. While ChecOut M can’t offer such authentication to customers using the POS, its use of biometrics on the merchant’s side suggests a growing awareness of the need for more sophisticated security when it comes to mobile-based payments and employee management in retail.