MobileHelp Announces New Remote Care Platform

vital biometrics and wearable techAmerican remote healthcare provider MobileHelp has announced a new platform that will heavily utilize biometric technology in conjunction with smart mobile devices, the convergence of the two being a booming new subfield in the realm of remote care..
As is the custom in the plethora of healthcare solutions in the American market, MobileHelp’s MobileVitals platform will employ a range of products and services with an aim to provide a comprehensive suite of remote care services. Chief among those, though, is the MobileHelp Connect App, which will collect biometric data from instruments offered by the company such as a weight scale and a pulse oximeter. Users will then be able to review the aggregated health data for their own edification in much the same way as with Apple’s HealthKit app, and to authorize medical professionals to look at the data for their own diagnosis.
The company is also offering another smartphone app called the M-PERS Application, which will also sync data from peripheral devices while providing access to emergency help. It’s going to be compatible with a wearable device that can automatically detect falls and enable users to call for emergency help even when their smartphones are beyond their reach.
MobileVitals aims to have most of this package on the market by the middle of the year.