News Roundup: Mobility and the Iris

Last week at Mobile ID World we prepared to go to Barcelona where will be reporting from this year’s Mobile World Congress. We featured interviews with key identity and biometrics companies attending the event, saw gigantic fingerprint biometrics announcements and got the low down on the most recent Apple controversy.

Here’s a look back on the week’s top stories in mobile digital identity:

Morpho at Mobile World Congress 2016

News Roundup: Mobility and the IrisMorpho (Safran) is slated to have a major presence at MWC this week. Leading up to the event we published an interview with Yves Portalier, the vice president and general manager of the company’s Telecom Business Unit, and also got a look at the ambitious showing Morpho has planned for the Barcelona exhibition.

INTERVIEW: Morpho (Safran)’s Yves Portalier

Morpho Plans Comprehensive Showing at MWC

Samsung to Integrate Morpho Mobile Facial Recognition Into Android Devices

Mobility and the Iris

News Roundup: Mobility and the IrisIn that same vein, we also featured an interview with Delta ID’s CEO, Salil Prabhakar. The iris biometrics company has been very influential in the past year, having seen its technology integrated into two smartphones. Iris on smartphones is proving to have notable staying power too, as is indicated by a new poll aimed at consumers with eye-scanning handsets.

INTERVIEW: Salil Prabhakar, CEO, Delta ID

Poll Finds Users Enthusiastic for Smartphone Iris Authentication

Fingerprints On The Go

News Roundup: Mobility and the IrisIn fingerprint news last week we saw Fingerprint Cards (FPC) launch its first under-glass biometric sensor, the FPC1268. Synaptics brought anti-spoofing to it’s SentryPoint security platform and Suprema launched BioSign—a mobile focused solution that supports the world’s smallest fingerprint sensor.

Precise Biometrics made fingerprint headlines too with a very positive year-end 2015 financial update.

Synaptics Brings Anti-Spoofing Capability to SentryPoint Platform

FPC Announces Its First Under-Glass Sensor

Precise Biometrics Attains EBITDA Operating Profit

Suprema Announces Mobile-Focused BioSign

In The Cards

News Roundup: Mobility and the Iris

Last week brought with it some major smart card developments. The Zwipe ID biometrics physical access control card was announced and, in Canada, Oberthur Technologies (OT) launched its dual interface and Motion Code EMV payment cards. FPC and Precise made the news in this regard too, entering into another licensing agreement that will see their respective technologies working together on the biometric smart cards of the future.

Zwipe Announces Zwipe ID Access Control Solution

OT Brings New Payment Card Solutions to Canada

FPC, Precise Biometrics Delve Into Smart Card Sensor Deal

Mobile Wallets and FinTech

News Roundup: Mobility and the IrisIn the weekly mCommerce news we saw Apple Pay finally launching in China, a revamped PayPal app featuring fingerprint security, and Qualcomm Haven—an authentication system that is protecting Tencent’s WeChat payment platform.

MasterCard was also in the FinTech news last week, with two new innovations helping mitigate fraud.

Apple Pay Launches in Saturated China Market

Revamped PayPal App Signals mPayments Focus

MasterCard IQ Tools Leverage Behavioral, Contextual Analytics

MasterCard Mobile Alert System Cares About Your Location

Qualcomm Provides Biometric Authentication for WeChat mPayments

High Standards

News Roundup: Mobility and the IrisApple made gigantic headlines last week with its refusal to give the FBI access to the locked phone of the San Bernardino shooter on grounds of protecting user privacy and what Tim Cook called “the deepest respect for American democracy and a love of our country.”

W3C upheld standards last week too, albeit in a different manner. The consortium launched a web authentication project on Wednesday that’s based on FIDO Alliance specifications.

Apple’s Stand Against FBI Highlights Security, Privacy, and Market Tensions

W3C Launches Web Authentication Project Based on FIDO Standards


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