Mobility, Biometrics and Physical Access Are Colliding

Last week’s ISC West conference in Las Vegas was a hit, and mobile identity played an important role this year, with virtual badge technology hogging the spotlight on the exhibition floor. Companies like MicroStrategy, HID Global,  and Allegion were demonstrating solutions that brought physical access credentials into the BYOD arena.

Physical Access Month Feature Image

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Personal mobile devices are expanding in scope too, and as we’ve already seen with the Apple Watch’s physical access capabilities at Starwood’s 150 Aloft, Element and W Hotels, the issuance and management of mobile keys is extremely convenient and ready for deployment.

At the same time, we are living in an era of unprecedented mobile biometric proliferation. The same innovations that have allowed for fingerprint, face, and iris recognition to proliferate consumer tech have enabled biometrics to become more accessible in the enterprise. Wearables, smartphones, biometrics, smart cards, NFC, RFID, and other physical access technologies are all at an intersection point, and in the top-down, hypothetically closed system of the workplace, that convergence has the potential to breed efficiency.

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