Money20/20 Europe: The Biometric Buzz

We are reporting live from Copenhagen at Money20/20 Europe this week, where the biometrics industry has converged to help usher in the future of identity in FinTech.Money20/20 Europe: The Biometric Buzz

Biometric Payment Cards

Money20/20 Europe: The Biometric Buzz

Dr. Hemant Mardia, CEO, IDEX (left) with Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill (right) at Money20/20 Europe.

As expected, biometric payment cards are taking up a big share of the security spotlight at Money20/20 Europe, with OT-Morpho and IDEX both making conference headlines in this regard. The companies each provide their biometric technology for Mastercard’s fingerprint protected credit card, which was announced earlier this year. In an exclusive interview with FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill, IDEX CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia likened the biometric Mastercard to the invention of Touch ID, calling it an “Apple moment.” Listen to the interview and read more about biometric smart cards at Money20/20 Europe by following the links below:

Money20/20 Europe: OT-Morpho Unveils Biometric Payment Card

Money20/20 Europe: IDEX Flexible Fingerprint Sensor Gets Demoed

Money20/20 Europe: Hemant Mardia, CEO of IDEX, Talks Biometric Payment Cards [AUDIO]

Biometrics Integrations

Money20/20 Europe: The Biometric Buzz

Left to right: Rob Douglas, CEO, BioConnect; Bianca Lopes, Vice President BD and Marketing, BioConnect; Peter O’Neill, President, Mobile ID World.

Big software integrations are making multimodal biometrics all the more accessible to financial services clients. This week at Money20/20 Daon and EyeVerify announced a partnership that brings the latter’s Eyeprint ID mobile authentication solution to the former’s IdentityX platform, further bolstering its biometric offerings. Money20/20 Europe is also the opportunity BioConnect and FacePhi have chosen to showcase their recent integration too, with their joint solution available for demonstration on the exhibition floor.

Money20/20 Europe: Daon Integrates EyeVerify Tech Into IdentityX Platform

BioConnect Integrates FacePhi Facial Recognition Solution

Biometrics on Stage

Money20/20 Europe: The Biometric Buzz

Clive Bourke, President EMEA and APAC, Daon, talks biometrics on the Money20/20 Europe arena stage.

Biometrics are the topic of panels, keynotes, and interviews too. In yesterday’s opening presentation, Square CEO and founder Jack Dorsey casually imagined a future when voice-based payments replace the current card-based paradigm. But on a more in-depth and involved level, Daon’s president of EMEA and APAC, Clive Bourke, took the arena stage today for his talk, Convenient and secure authentication in a mobile world, in which he spoke about biometric case studies in finance.

Tomorrow, the biometric conversation will continue with, The power of choice: Why multimodal biometrics are taking over consumer facing FinTech. The panel, moderated by Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill will bring together experts from Visa, HSBC, OT-Morpho, FacePhi, and BioConnect to speak on the influence biometrics are having on the customers.

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