Money20/20: The Mobile ID Roundup

Last week, Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill was in Las Vegas for Money20/20, just about the biggest payments industry conference there is. Now having just successfully completed its third annual commerce industry event, Money20/20 has embraced biometrics and mobility. A massive amount of identity management news came out of the Las Vegas conference last week, and some of it certainly felt game changing.

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Magical Payments

Readers of Mobile ID World have known for some time that a big change is coming to payments. At Money20/20 this year we got to hear it from one of the biggest voices in the industry, Ryan McInerney, president of Visa.

In a keynote presentation, McInerney outlined the ways that physical payment transactions are becoming magical again thanks to innovations in mobility, identity, security and convenience. Along those same lines, Toronto based vital biometric authentication company Bionym announced the world’s first wearable biometric payment solution.

Below you will find the articles on both news items plus an exclusive audio interview with Bionym president Andrew D’Souza:

Money20/20: The Future of Payments Will Be Magical

Introducing The World’s First Wearable Biometric Payment Solution, An Interview With Andrew D’Souza, President of Bionym

Bionym Announces Wearable Biometric mCommerce Trial

Biometric Money

A number of biometrics vendors were present at Money20/20 this year. EyeVerify, whose vascular authentication is being used for mobile banking, chose the conference to announce a major update to its Eyeprint ID solution; AGNITiO was on hand to to demonstrate Voice ID; and NuData showcased its behavioral biometrics solution called NuDetect.

AGNITiO to Talk, Money to Walk, at Money20/20

NuData’s Behavioural Biometrics System Offers Passive Authentication

EyeVerify Upgrades Eyeprint ID, Will Launch on iOS and Android in January

Value: Added

Of course, even though biometrics had a major presence at this year’s Money20/20, there are other mobility-based innovations changing the world of credit and dollar signs. A novel way to tip with your phone, Line of Sight security and discussions of NFC tech all jhad us thinkign of the different ways mobility can change our consuming lives. Facial Recognition Feature to Gratify Service Industry Professionals

Gemalto to Discuss NFC and EMV Payment Issues at Money20/20

Digimarc Mobile Payment System Emphasizes ‘Line-of-Sight’ Security

Going Places

This is the second year that Mobile ID Word has attended Money20/20, and this year we brought the biometrics industry with us. Peter O’Neill hosted a panel on the topic with some of the biggest minds in mobile ID and biometrics, presenting to an at capacity room of 500 attendees.

Money20/20 will be on the move too, thanks to its popular success. Prior to the start of this year’s conference, the organizers announced that in Spring 2016 Money20/20 will be holding a conference in Europe.  

FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World Take Biometrics to Money20/20

Money20/20 Coming To Europe Thanks To North American Success


That brings a close to Money20/20 coverage, but expect the above stories to resonate well into 2015. Was there a part of this year’s Money20/20 that particularly struck a chord with you? Let us know on Twitter.