Morpho Looking To Mobile Authentication

Morpho Looking To Mobile AuthenticationMorpho (Safran) CEO Anne Bouverot plans to push the company into the mobile authentication market, the company has announced.

In a press release, the company highlighted Bouverot’s prior experience with the GSMA mobile operators alliance – she was Director General for four years – and quoted her on her predictions about where the mobile market is heading. Bouverot pointed to the rise of mobile purchases and the attendant need for “safe and reliable technologies for user identification,” adding that the is “firmly convinced, as both user and professional, of the enormous potential of digital identity verification for smartphones and tablets.”

Turning to the fingerprint scanning systems that are increasingly widespread on high-end and mid-range smartphones, Bouverot called them a “first step” toward secure mobile authentication, but stressed the need for more advanced technologies. It’s an understandable perspective, especially given that popular biometric authentication systems like Touch ID have been proven to be susceptible to spoofing.

While Bouverot hasn’t yet offered any specifics about what kinds of technology Morpho has in the pipeline for mobile authentication, the company certainly has a wealth of expertise in the relevant biometric technologies, having developed products such as its MorphoRapID 2 multimodal handheld. Leveraging this kind of technology for mobile authentication could lead to strong results for the company as it explores this growing market.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)