Morpho Celebrates International Women’s Day

Morpho (Safran) is taking the opportunity of International Women’s Day to celebrate projects promoting women’s rights around the world.

Morpho Celebrates International Women's DayIn a post on the company’s website, CEO Anne Bouverot asserts that “possessing proof of one’s identity represents the first step towards freedom and independence for women,” and that’s why she supports the World Bank’s Identification for Development Initiative (ID4D). Bouverot notes that Morpho has been a supporter of one ID4D program aimed at digitally transferring social assistance funds to young mothers in India’s Bihar state, a project associated with the country’s Aadhaar biometric citizen registry.

Bouverot also points to Morpho’s work with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia to develop a women’s bank card—another effort to give women more economic power—and the company’s work in Mali to organize the electronic ID cards for that country’s 2013 election, an effort that may have indirectly helped to empower that country’s women.

“At the root of equal opportunity is a recognized form of identification,” Bouverot concludes.