Morpho Mobile Efforts to Focus on SIM Cards, Embedded Security, Biometric Authentication

Morpho Mobile Efforts to Focus on SIM Cards, Embedded Security, Biometric AuthenticationMorpho (Safran) continues its march into the mobile market. In a new post on its website, Morpho’s Telecom Business Unit Vice President and General Manager, Yves Portalier, further clarifies the company’s strategy in this area since CEO Anne Bouverot first announced Morpho’s mobile plans last month.

In framing Morpho’s strategy, Portalier points to advancements in SIM card technology, which is transitioning around the world to 4G and LTE networks and will soon advance to 5G; the machine to machine (M2M) market, which is being pushed forward by new technologies; and the increasing importance of biometrics in mobile devices. These are the key advancements that will push Morpho’s activities, which will revolve around what Portalier called “three pillars: SIM card and related value added services, embedded security, mobile ID and biometrics.”

Morpho has already begun to make some major moves in these areas, having recently announced its development of a mobile identity solution for UK citizens to access government services, and its major role in developing a mobile security solution for Norwegians. Moreover, it’s working on a biometric enrolment project for India’s biggest mobile operator, and it also recently acquired an mPayment startup, which could eventually allow it to shepherd its biometric authentication technology into that growing sector. This has all happened in the last month or so, so it seems Morpho is intent on moving quickly in all of these areas, and we can expect further developments around the ‘three pillars’ outlined by Portalier.