Morpho to Sponsor IoT MDM Forum

Morpho to Sponsor IoT MDM ForumAs anticipation over the burgeoning Internet of Things continues to build, Morpho (Safran) has announced that it will sponsor a forum on the issue early next month. The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley’s IoT Forum: Mobile Device Mayhem (MDM) will take place at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, California, on February 4th.

It’s an opportunity for various stakeholders in the IoT to meet and discuss related issues, particularly those relevant to mobile network operators and OEMs looking to leverage the IoT’s emerging opportunities. In a statement announcing the forum, Morpho highlighted questions such as “What solutions will industry deliver for IoT MDM?” and “Will the IoT industry have platforms emerge as mobile did?” In addition to discussing these and many other important questions, attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about Morpho’s IoT solutions too.

While the breadth of Morpho’s technological offerings undoubtedly touches on the IoT in a number of places, the company is likely placing an increased focus on the concept now that it is intensely exploring the mobile sector, embarking on major ventures such as developing a mobile security system for Norwegians and even buying an mPayment startup. Given that mobile can be expected to play a major role in IoT interaction, now is the right time for Morpho to start exploring this area with Silicon Valley partners.