Morpho Launches MorphoRapID 2 Mobile Device

Morpho Launches New Multimodal Handheld

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Morpho (Safran) has announced a new, handheld biometric identification tool for security applications. Called MorphoRapID 2, the device is about the size of the kind of credit/debit card reader found in many restaurants – though it offers far more sophisticated technology.

MorphoRapID 2 features a FAP 30-certified fingerprint sensor and a high-resolution camera for the capture of facial biometrics. In addition to its multimodal biometric identification capabilities, it can also verify ID documents such as driver licenses and e-passports. And all of this data can be transmitted to an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) over a 4G wireless network. Moreover, the system can perform multiple simultaneous searches, and is a fully integrated component of the Morpho Criminal Justice Suite.

In a press release, Morpho Security EVP Samuel Fringant said that the device is the result of “highly valued feedback received” from the company’s customer base, and asserted that MorphoRapID 2 “has been designed to anticipate market needs, for controlling identities in the field.” Fringant added that Morpho is already preparing deployments in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

These kinds of mobile biometric scanners are increasingly popular among law enforcement authorities. The multimodal and ID-verification capabilities of Morpho’s latest device should prove appealing to many in the law enforcement community.


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