MorphoTrak Launches Morpho Mobile Gateway Software, Allows Connection To Any AFIS

As of today, thanks to the new Morpho Mobile Gateway from MorphoTrak, Morpho mobile biometric devices can interface with not just the FBI’s Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC) but with any Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), giving law enforcement officers attempting to identify suspects instant access to a greatly improved resource of criminal identity information.

“The Mobile Gateway paired with the MorphoIDent mobile fingerprint device has already had many successes, leading to arrests of dangerous criminals with warrants for their arrest in the state system or the FBI RISC database,” said Michele Johnson, representative of the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZ DPS). According to Johnson, the Gateway has allowed the hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the state to access both the Arizona AFIS and the FBI RISC database.

The new software, developed by Morpho (Safran) and distributed by its US subsidiary MorphoTrak, bridges the gap between the companies handheld offerings, like the MorphoIDent or the IBIS Extreme, and literally any federal, state or local AFIS, no matter who provides it, in a matter of a few hours. The Morpho Mobile Gateway acts as a single point of management for all handheld operations across hundreds of law enforcement handhelds including upgrading, maintaining, monitoring and reporting activity.

The multi-platform nature of the Morpho Mobile Gateway means that a Morpho AFIS is not a prerequisite for use. With the new solution, MorphoIDent users can benefit from the extended reach of identity verification the small device offers regardless of the database it uses.

Daniel Vassy, President and CEO of MorphoTrak, speaks to this newly offered flexibility, explaining: “This is really revolutionary, that our small handheld MorphoIDents can now be used by any agency, from almost any location in the U.S. to access a vast array of criminal identities in multiple AFIS systems, including the national FBI RISC database containing high priority criminals. We’ve already seen numerous examples of roadside traffic stops in which our MorphoIDent with the Gateway have refuted false identity information and helped get some of these worst RISC offenders identified and behind bars.”