MorphoWave Payments Demo To Tour Paris

Morpho (Safran) is taking its MorphoWave technology on the road in Paris. Continuing its recently-announced partnership with Visa, the company will be promoting its technology in a traveling event called “Visa Explores the Future in Paris”.

MorphoWave Payments Demo To Tour Paris

(image via Morpho)

Like a traveling circus, the project will see a dome set up in various locations in the city, in which new payment solutions will be showcased. Among them will be the Scan & Pay concept the companies promoted at this week’s Money20/20 Europe conference, a solution that lets uses authenticate purchase transactions with a wave of the hand. The MorphoWave tower is able to scan and match multiple fingerprints at a time without any need for direct sensor contact, making it a potentially strong POS solution in high-traffic settings.

Under the dome, Visa will also show off a system enabling online payment authentication via facial recognition, a payment concept that appears to be taking off in the financial services community.

Commenting in a statement, Morpho CEO Anne Bouverot asserted that “[b]iometric technologies will ensure the future of payment authentication because they perfectly meet consumer needs to combine security with ease of use,” adding that such technologies have “made a spectacular leap” in accuracy over the last several years. Visa clearly feels a similar enthusiasm, and its Paris roadshow may help to stoke interest among the broader public as well.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)