Moto Z2 Play Features an FPC1035 Sensor

A Fingerprint Cards sensor has been integrated into another new device from Moto, the Lenovo-owned smartphone brand.

Moto Z2 Play Features an FPC1035 SensorThe Moto Z2 Play features an FPC1035 sensor, the same sensor model used in the Moto M device launched last autumn, suggesting that Lenovo’s Moto team has been happy with the sensor’s performance. More pertinently, the FPC1035 was also used in the original Moto Z Play before that.

News of the integration arrives after numerous other smartphone integration announcements made in recent weeks, all despite FPC’s warnings that the first half of 2017 would see a dip in revenues due to an inventory glut among clients in an increasingly competitive market.

Meanwhile, FPC also announced this week that it had followed through on a share cancellation plan first proposed last autumn.