Mountain America Encourages Mobile Banking with Humane Society Donations

Mountain America Credit Union is trying to encourage its clients to embrace mobile banking by appealing to their better nature: The financial organization has announced that for every mobile deposit conducted by a customer, it will donate a dollar to the Humane Society of Utah.Mountain America Encourages Mobile Banking with Humane Society Donations

In a statement, Mountain America COO Nathan Anderson said it’s part of a larger initiative to help customers “learn how convenient our mobile services are, while adding an additional layer of security.” Elaborating on the latter, Anderson pointed to features like security alerts and biometric login options that “make it easier to safely monitor your financial activity from the convenience of your smart phone.”

Mountain America Credit Union was an early adopter of biometric login, having embraced Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint recognition system toward the end of 2015. It also went a step further than other early adopters by incorporating support for eye-based login thanks to Eyeprint ID technology from EyeVerify, leveraging the cameras embedded in users’ smartphones to scan eye vein patterns and adjacent biometrics for authentication.

Like a growing number of other financial services organizations, Mountain America clearly sees its support for such biometric security options as a key selling point for its services; and in announcing its Humane Society initiative, the company reminded customers that it has specially trained tech support staff at its branches who can help them to familiarize themselves with biometric login and other security features of its mobile app.