Mountain America Embraces Fingerprints, Eyeprints

Mountain America Credit Union Enables Touch ID, Eyeprint ID Mobile LoginMountain America Credit Union has embraced biometric authentication for its mobile users, the company has announced. Its mobile app now lets users log in via Eyeprint ID and Touch ID.

While banks and credit unions are increasingly embracing Apple’s fingerprint scanning system for user authentication, few have gone the extra step of incorporating an eye-based modality. In so doing, Mountain America could be on the cusp of a rising trend, with Eyeprint ID’s eye vein scanning technology having been adapted for mobile devices around the turn of the year, and, more recently, incorporated into First Internet Bank’s mobile app. It was also recently incorporated into one smartphone itself—the UMI Iron Pro—to give it built-in biometric identification capabilities.

While this eye vein authentication offers a high level of security, for Mountain America its mobile app incorporation appears to have been a matter of improving the customer experience, with the ultimate goal being to replace the password. Commenting in a press release, Mountain America’s Manager of Product Strategy, Shelby Peterson, asserted that users “don’t want a tedious process to log in to their mobile banking,” adding that speed and convenience are “what mobile is about”.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)