mSIGNIA Gets New Patents for ‘Digital Biometric’ Platform

Nashville-based mSIGNIA has attained new patent approvals supporting its ‘digital biometric’ platform.

mSIGNIA Gets New Patents for 'Digital Biometric' PlatformThe solution received its first patent in 2014, and another in the spring of 2016. It essentially tracks patterns in how users customize their devices, and in how they interact with their devices in terms of sending and receiving messages, visiting certain websites, using certain apps, and so on.

In a statement announcing the new patents, mSIGNIA explained that US Patent No. 9,559,852 builds generally on this foundation, while US Patent No. 9,722,804 builds on a previous patent covering “cryptographic security functions based on anticipated changes in dynamic minutiae”. The company said a third patent was granted by the Japanese Patent Office, but did not elaborate on its content.

The new patent approvals help to solidify mSIGNIA’s footing in the emerging field of behavioral biometrics, which looks at patterns in users’ online behavior and how they interact with their devices as means of authentication.