MWC 2014: ImageWare Recognized For Innovation and Design By Envisioneering at Showstoppers

ImageWare Systems LogoThree weeks of deliberation go into selecting the Innovation & Design Awards presented by Envisioneering to companies launching new products at this year’s Showstoppers held during the  Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. Five judges considered offerings from more than 30 companies in attendance in 26 categories of social benefit and agreed to award cloud-based multimodal biometric identity solutions provider ImageWare Systems.

“The companies represented among this year’s winners are stepping up their tempo and pace of innovation. With a keen focus on mobile products, services and lifestyle, they weave together original ideas in hardware, software, services and versatility to benefit the life of the consumer,” explains lead judge Richard Doherty, Envisioneering’s research director.

“We are honored to be recognized for our innovation in the next generation of identity management,” said ImageWare CEO Jim Miller. “Legacy technologies are failing to protect business and consumer.  Cost effective, flexible, cloud based Multi-modal biometrics can authenticate and verify personal identity based human characteristics and cannot be replicated.  We are delivering new models that support the huge growth in mobile and desktop transaction, business and health services.”

ImageWare will be showing off the biometric identity management technology that earned it this award in innovation through to the end of MWC 2014 this week. On Sunday, the company announced that it will be featuring its GoMobile Interactive (GMI), Biometric Engine (BE), PillPhone and GoCloudID products all week.

As Jim Miller explained in his recent interview with Mobile ID World, the last of those is a “first-of” type of product in the marketplace. GoCloudID is a cloud based software as a service (SaaS) identity management platform.

“In the same way that cloud computing has really redefined computing by replacing the conventional client server organization centric model with a highly configurable distributed on demand data centric model, ImageWare’s CloudID extends that vendor independent  biometric platform and brings it across an entire identity platform,” Miller told Peter O’Neil, president of Mobile ID World.

“We offer identity management on demand and as a service,” he continued. “Our goal is to further our vision that biometrics are situational, and at the same time addresses evolving requirements in the marketplace, which allows our users to leverage a substantial investment that they have already made. With our approach, an end-user can either keep or change their hardware or biometric algorithms as they wish, and purchase as a service on a per use basis. With this offering, we are addressing any perceived risk and cost of adoption of new technology and of course all of this is optimized for use in cloud computing”

The biometrics as a service model that ImageWare delivers ask a one-time enrollment fee per new customer followed by a monthly subscription fee. Said monthly charges will vary depending on the needs of the customer and the services are delivered via Fujitsu’s Trusted Public Cloud S5 platform.