MWC 2014: Oberthur and Ingenico Showcase The NFC Future of Coupons

This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, has already set the industry abuzz with talk of mobile commerce innovations. After yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement and the subsequent promise of biometrically enabled PayPal transactions with the new device, it looks like April is going to be a hotly anticipated month for early adopting Internet shoppers.

Mobile commerce is also a marketing opportunity, however. New ideas that allow relying parties to know their customers better and in turn give consumers valuable benefits have been on the minds of marketers and big data experts. Location based marketing is popular among these possibilities, and along with that comes value added services like digital coupons.

Today, Oberthur Technologies (Hall 6 – Booth 6I28) announced that along with payment solutions provider Ingenico (Hall 7 – Booth 7J43) will be showcasing a coupon value added service on an NFC SIM card.

The intent here is the same as with all mobile commerce proposals: less mess, more convenience and high security. As the consumer moves further into an increasingly paperless retail environment it is becoming vitally important for vendors to innovate in this area to drive their business.

The joint solution falls in line with the GSMA’s mobile NFC Value Added Services for POS terminals. It allows retailers to ditch loyalty cards and clipable coupons by having them dematerialized onto an NFC secure element.

Oberthur’s dragonFly NFC SIM card, an on-SIM coupon storage application and its Wallet Manager solution all work in tandem to allow an end-user easy and secure access to the services while making sure marketers are getting the best possible coverage for their promotions. Ingenico’s NFC embedded terminals will be holding up the receiving end of the transactions.

Cédric Collomb, managing director of Oberthur’s Telecom Business Unit explains further, saying, “This couponing service, in line with the GSMA proposal, comes on top of numerous payment, transport, physical and logical access control, digital security and biometrics applications. Offering such a service is in concordance with the positioning of the company: Mobility. Thanks to this service, end-users have all their coupons and loyalty cards stored on their mobile phones; they can use them where and when they want”.

This is yet another piece of Oberthur’s comprehensive mobile security presence at this years’ Mobile World Congress. Earlier this week the company first presented its FIDO Ready technologies, including the SESAMES Award winning “My Voice is My Password,” a collaboration with fellow Alliance member AGNITiO.