MWC 2014: Oberthur Technologies To Present FIDO Ready Authentication on a SIM

It is day one of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014) in Barcelona, Spain and as can be expected, strong authentication innovations are abound. The FIDO Alliance announced a substantial lineup for the even weeks ago, and now that its here we are seeing the fruits of the consortium’s anti-password labor.

Alliance board member Oberthur Technologies (OT), a security solutions specialist in the mobile arena will be demonstrating two innovations during MWC this week. Both focused on allowing for a more convenience mobile experience while offering next generation levels of security, Oberthur will be exhibiting the first worldwide implementation of FIDO Ready authentication in a SIM as well as voice based biometric authentication.

“FIDO authentication in the SIM and My Voice is My Password are concrete examples of how OT invents new services that ease the life of the end user,” explains Oberthur’s Senior VP, North America of the company’s Telecom Business Unit, Mike Bell. “As a leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space, OT also guarantees security, privacy of the data.”

Being demonstrated in Hall 6, Stand 6128 during MWC, the authentication in a SIM technology is particularly special. Since SIM is the single universal hardware element in all mobile phones, it not only offers the strongest alternative to useless and cumbersome passwords, but ensures ease of accessibility. It’s platform agnostic, working on the common denominator held by all mobile smartphone devices.

The voice biometric authentication solution on display here is already famous for its innovation. Having come away with a 2013 SESAMES Award at last year’s CARTES event, Oberthur’s “My Voice is My Password” can replace any authentication mechanism with an extremely low friction security solution.

Leveraging the microphone already built into any mobile phone on the market (they are still phones, after all), “My Voice is My Password” uses a smartphone’s secure element to protect the biometric data and software that allows for strong authentication. Built in collaboration with AGNITiO, whose Voice ID biometric engine powers the recognition, “My Voice is My Password” features revocability and anti-spoofing making it a versatile post-password solution.

In addition to providing the key components of a viable post-password solution, Oberthur’s presence at MWC 2014 also exemplifies the mission of the FIDO Alliance.

FIDO president Michael Barrett expands: “The collaboration among FIDO Alliance board member Oberthur Technologies and founding members demonstrates the innovation open FIDO authentication is spawning and presages the value when strong authentication methods interoperate.”

The week in Barcelona has just begun, running today through Thursday. Stay fixed to Mobile ID World for more innovation news.