MWC 2016: Mantu Eschews Central Servers, Uses ‘Military Grade Encryption’

(image via Mantu)

(image via Mantu)

A new messaging app is seeking to offer ‘military grade’ security to the enterprise sector. Called Mantu, it was unveiled at this week’s Mobile World Congress.

It’s a peer-to-peer messaging system that cuts out the middleman with respect to servers; in a statement announcing the system, its eponymous maker asserts that the app “ensures that users’ content does not, at any point, go through its servers or any other third-party cloud provider.” Instead, the system establishes what Mantu calls “a dynamic, secure tunnel between enterprise users applying high-end encryption and secure key exchange.”

In addition to the ‘military grade encryption’, the app also erases chat history and uses multi-factor authentication including facial recognition.

As concerns over data protection grow in the wake of high-profile hack attacks, Mantu could prove to be a particularly appealing solution to enterprises in need of highly secure communications. The app may also be illustrative of the growing appeal of biometric authentication for all manner of digital transactions, including simple messaging. Summing up its value proposition, Mantu Co-CEO Gavriel Niryaev says, “If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over your organization’s data security, we have the right solution for you.”