MWC Americas’ Innovation City to Feature Mobile Connect Demos

The first ever Mobile World Congress Americas event is right around the corner, and Nok Nok Labs has revealed some new, key details – namely that this event will carry on the tradition of Innovation City, and that Mobile Connect will be at the heart of it.MWC Americas' Innovation City to Feature Mobile Connect Demos

A recurring feature of the mainline MWC events, Innovation City is meant to showcase real-world applications of cutting edge mobile technology. At this year’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai, for example, Innovation City featured demos ranging from a VR skiing game to a smart restaurant that takes orders via RCS messages.

Mobile Connect, meanwhile, is the expanding digital identity service that aims to verify end users’ identities and assure them access to pertaining mobile services. Nok Nok Labs lays claim to the key initial step to Mobile Connect authentication, with its S3 Authentication Suite leveraging the biometric capabilities of mobile devices and computers to verify the identities of end users based on FIDO Alliance authentication standards.

Next month, at Mobile World Congress in San Francisco, attendees will be able to see the system in action, with Nok Nok Labs helping demo the system with InterBev, San Diego Health Connect, and Visa.

MWC Americas will run from September 12th to 14th, with Innovation City operating 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.