Natural Security Alliance Announces Two New Certified Proximity Payment Devices


Trust Designer’s TeDeGo solution is available in a variety of different colors.

The Natural Security Alliance has announced two new connected devices for proximity payments. Dedicated to the use of biometric in payment, the Natural Security Alliance is a conglomeration of retailers, vendors, and banks collaborating to develop transaction security standards.
One of the new devices is a microSD card called the WiBiMi, developed by digital card developer UINT. The other new product is the TeDeGo, a connected device designed for everyday touchless payments by Trust Designer. Both of the devices meet the Natural Security standard, meaning that they use strong authentication protocols that can involve biometric technology, while also ensuring a high level of interoperability between various different systems.
The Natural Security Alliance says that both devices essentially offer the same functionality, but they differ in the power source they use and in their superficial appearance, in addition to the more important distinction of compatibility with other devices, which only the WiBiMi can do as it is a microSD card.