Natural Security Alliance Releases Newest Specifications

After years of working with retailers, banks and vendors, as well as payment specialists, the Natural Security Alliance (formerly Natural Security) has released the newest specifications for its strong authentication standard.

The Alliance’s standard details a secure and private strong authentication method that combines biometric verification, a personal device and wireless technology. This method is to be used for payment and access to services across all channels and can be implemented into various form factors like smart card, micro-SD card, mobile device, secure element or token.

As tested in a six month consumer pilot, the Natural Security Alliance’s previously iterated specifications had 94 percent of the over 900 customers involved admitting that the means of payment being forwarded was something that they were ready to use for real life purchases.

The new specifications specifically define the architecture on both sides of a successful physical world wireless mCommerce transaction. On the customer side a wireless personal device is used to authorize payment where the acceptance user (also sometimes referred to as a relying party, such as a retailer) receives with a wireless acceptance device.

The further development of the Natural Security Alliance’s specifications is encouraging, especially when considering the constant promise of more biometric devices in the hands of the public at large. Mobile commerce is a major driver in mobile identity, and specifications such as this are set up to allow for the interoperability and user freedom to make pay-with-your-phone technology a convenient reality.

Notable members of the Natural Security Alliance Include MasterCard and Oberthur Technologies, both of whom are key members of the FIDO Alliance as well and have solutions in the works to meet these needs. Oberthur recently demonstrated value added services on a mobile device at the Mobile World Congress, while MasterCard has been reported as working on a mobile point of sale solution.

The Natural Security Alliance is open to join. Banks, retailers or vendors interested in collaborating with in the Alliance should visit the official Alliance website for more information.