Natural Security Pushes for Biometric Mobile Authentication Standards, Starts An Alliance

9770_natural-security_naturalsecuritylogosmallOn Wednesday, Natural Security announced the launch of the Natural Security Alliance, an organization that the company is calling “the world’s first open alliance dedicated to secure transactions based on wireless and biometrics.”

The Natural Security Alliance is open and welcomes any organization or company in support of the development of a mobile and wireless security standard to join. A number of companies already bolster the Alliance’s membership including two high profile FIDO Alliance board members: MasterCard and Oberthur Technologies.

In the launch announcement, Natural Security listed six primary goals that the Alliance is working towards. They summarize as: educating related communities about the standard and its benefits, expand its membership, licence  and encourage the development of products that adhere to the standard, and build an interoperability strategy.

“To encourage and support widespread adoption of this method, we believe that the specifications  need to be shared with industry stakeholders and development continued based on their requirements and input. Creating an open Alliance is now the perfect way for us to build an  ecosystem that can achieve this,” Asys Cedric Hozanne, CEO of the Natural Security Alliance.

“The Natural Security Standard was developed in response to the authentication  method  required  by  the  banks, retailers and manufacturers we were working with,” explains Hozanne. “We’ve  invested a lot of time, effort and care into developing a truly unique authentication method that solves many modern issues relating to privacy, convenience and universality, including conducting the world’s first consumer trial of this technology.”

Readers interested in joining the initiative for mobile biometric standards can find more information on the Natural Security Alliance website.