Natural Security Standard to Boost TSI e-Wallet Capabilities

Natural Security Standard to Boost TSI e-Wallet CapabilitiesTicket Surf International (TSI), developer of the My E-Money Purse digital wallet solution, has joined the Natural Security Alliance. The company plans to use the Natural Security standard to improve the security of its product and to explore new uses for it as well.

The Natural Security Alliance‘s main aim is to develop security standards for banks, retailers, and vendors, and its Natural Security standard essentially combines security data storage, mid-range communication technologies, and biometric identification to secure transactions. It’s a natural fit for a product like TSI’s My E-money Purse, an online money account that combines TSI’s YesByCash online payment system with its prepaid Ticket Surf and Ticket Premium codes. By adhering to the Natural Security standard, the company hopes to introduce its My E-Money Purse solution into the areas of online purchases and pre-arranged mPayments in which customers buy in advance and pick up purchases in-store.

While TSI is going to face stiff competition from the comparatively easy and straightforward mPayment services offered through Apple Pay, PayPal, and, soon, Samsung Pay and Google’s Android Pay, its adherence to the Natural Security standard could give it a certain competitive edge with customers looking for highly secure solutions. Biometric authentication is quickly becoming standard among its mPayment competitors, and further security enhancements can be expected as mPayment platforms gain in popularity. It will be interesting to see how TSI can leverage the Natural Security standard to its advantage going forward.