NEC Shows Off Azure-Based Solutions at Microsoft Ignite

NEC is showing off two cloud-based systems based on Microsoft Azure at this week’s Microsoft Ignite Conference.

NEC Shows Off Azure-Based Solutions at Microsoft IgniteOne is its Video Analytics for Retail solution, which appears to be the current iteration of biometric smart signage technology the company was promoting earlier this year. The system is designed to use facial recognition to gather customer data including gender and age in retail environments, allowing for analytics that could help retailers improve their efficiency and their better market their offerings.

NEC is also showcasing its Intelligent Transportation Cloud, a smart city solution designed to collect data on transit use. It’s meant to help administrators improve transportation efficiency as well as the transit rider experience.

Based as they are on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, the solutions point to the IT giant’s increasing exploration of such services as the numerous companies seek to take advantage of the growing wealth of data available via the IoT and biometric technology.