NEC’s Gaze-Tracking Solution Has Smart City Applications

NEC has adapted its facial biometrics technology to track line of sight.

NEC's Gaze Tracking Solution Has Smart City ApplicationsWhile technological systems tracking a subject’s gaze usually rely on scanning the eyes at close range with infrared cameras, NEC says its “remote gaze detection technology” can use standard cameras and can track eye-movement from as far as ten meters away, even with low resolution images. And it can detect gaze with a measurement error of under five degrees.

It’s based on what the company calls “face feature point detection technology,” according to a statement. The system looks at features in and around the eye to get a composite sense of where an individual is looking.

The company says this technology could have smart city applications by helping city authorities track the line of sight of pedestrians, and it could also help in surveillance my monitoring suspicious individuals. And, like its NEC Smart Enterprise offering, it also has clear business and marketing applications in its ability to help track customer attention and interest.

December 16, 2016 – by Alex Perala