NEC’s New Mobile Biometric Device Bolsters Public Safety

NeoScan 45

More information about the NeoScan 45 mobile fingerprint collection device is available via a brochure found on NEC’s official website.

NEC Corporation of America (NECAM) has announced the release of a new mobile biometric device aimed at in-field public safety applications. The NeoScan 45 mobile fingerprint collection device allows for accurate and fast fingerprint capture.

NeoScan 45, as its name implies, complies with the FBI’s Appendix F Mobile ID FAP 45 Image Quality Specifications. It uses the Sherlock Sensors from Integrated Biometrics, which features light emitting sensor (LES) technology, and can therefor capture single, dual, roll and plain fingerprint impressions.

Adding to the convenience of being able to bringing this technology into the field is the fact that NEC’s new device supports both BlueTooth and WiFi protocols, allowing for integration with smartphones and tablets that run Android or iOS.

“The NeoScan 45 represents a tremendous achievement for the NEC Biometrics Solutions Division,” says Raffie Beroukhim, vice president of NECAM’s Biometrics Solutions Division. “Designed in California, it is the outcome of our global research and engineering leading to the development of the form and function of the device; all of which have been directed by the voice of our clients and meeting the performance requirements of leading public safety authorities.”

Beroukhim goes on to describe NeoScan 45 as NEC’s “first FAP45 field multi-fingerprint capture device.”

Because the new device from NEC is based on NIST and EBTS transmission standards, it can interface with most Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS). This makes the NeoScan 45 particularly attractive for adoption in law enforcement, providing agencies the ability to take advantage of  their existing AFIS technology with the new hardware.

NEC Corporation is no stranger to law enforcement markets. Looking beyond fingerprints, the company also provides facial recognition solutions that can aid in identifying wanted persons in recorded video feeds.

(Source: FindBiometrics)