Bug Chicks Ad Campaign Promotes Windows 10 Biometrics Tech

Microsoft has launched a new ad campaign promoting its Windows 10 operating system, and it features a strong emphasis on the biometric capabilities of its Windows Hello security apparatus.

The ads star “The Bug Chicks”, two entrepreneurs running a small (“nano-“) business revolving around promoting information about insects to kids. A couple of the ads focus on the utility of Cortana, Windows’ Siri-like AI assistant; while a third places a strong focus on facial recognition for user authentication, with one of the stars saying, “Hey, you want to see something cool?” and then exaggeratedly presenting her face to her laptop for login. “Even on the new Macs they don’t have that,” her co-star comments.

For many viewers, the ad will likely act as a cute and casual introduction to the concept of ‘selfie’-based login, and to facial biometrics more broadly. But Microsoft has touted these capabilities since the launch of Windows 10 last year, and appears to be intent on further highlighting the convenience of biometrics as a password replacement as it continues to promote its latest operating system. That could be good news for BIO-key, its biometric peripheral hardware partner; and it could be good for the biometrics industry more broadly, given the massive reach of Microsoft’s brand around the world.