New Ads Suggest Apple’s Commitment to Smartwatch

New Ads Suggest Apple's Commitment to SmartwatchApple has rolled out six new ads for the Apple Watch. The 15-second spots showcase the device’s key features, with each ad honing in on a particular quality.

Two of the ads focus on the Apple Watch’s fitness-tracking capabilities, while another two demonstrate its communications capabilities including haptic notifications and audio recordings that can be sent like texts. Another ad shows a user asking Siri, the virtual assistant who just keeps getting smarter, for directions. And the sixth ad shows how the device can be used to make easy mPayments via Apple Pay.

The ads may signal Apple’s commitment to its smartwatch, which had a very bumpy market debut and proceeded on to questionable success. Apple hasn’t released any official numbers regarding sales of the smartwatch, leaving some market analysts divided over how it has performed. For its part, Apple has suggested that sales have gone about as the company expected, and if it’s now investing money into highly polished ads, that could suggest the company expects a payoff down the line as more users warm up to the idea of a smartwatch. Competing devices are now entering the market too, which could be causing a shift in mass market perceptions of the relatively novel devices.

Source: 9to5Mac