New App Gives Doctors Access to Medical Records via Mobile Device

Mobile Fingerprint BiometricsThere’s a smart new healthcare app that lets doctors access patient records with the touch of a finger, according to a VentureBeat article by Mark Sullivan. The app, called Drchrono, takes advantage of the TouchID fingerprint scanner embedded in all new mobile Apple devices for authentication purposes; authorized doctors need only to scan their fingers to be able to access patients’ electronic health records.
There’s been a flood of healthcare-related apps lately, but Drchrono is probably one of the most ingeniously simple; while others have sought to take advantage of the iPhone’s various biometric measures, or to use Apple’s Healthkit app as part of a larger remote care platform, Drchrono is basically just making it easier for doctors to get the information they need to do their job.
Daniel Kivatinos, the company’s COO, is excited about their smart idea. Writing on Drchrono’s blog, he noted that Touch ID solves the longstanding problem “that people sometimes forget password and PIN codes”; meanwhile, Drchrono “changes the game even more” with its use of “touch technology in health care.”