New Carbonics System May Be Future of Mobile Device Development

Biometrics To Be Mainstream on Mobiles and Wearables in 2015California-based technology developer Carbonics, Inc. has announced a new system for wireless product development that could greatly enhance mobile devices. The company has developed methods for using “earth-abundant carbon nanomaterials” to build super-fast, super-efficient wireless products.

Carbonic incorporates these nanomaterials not into the logic microchip processors of mobile devices, but rather into the semiconductor radio frequency (RF) components found in all such devices. According to Carbonics CEO Kos Galatsis, this technological leap will allow for the development of smartphones that need to be charged only “once a week instead of once a day, and these same devices won’t heat up in your hand.”

The technology could have a range of applications, in everything from wireless infrastructure to wearable tech. According to the company, it allows for superior capabilities such as 4G LTE connections, WiGig wireless, and even “advanced imaging capability for biometric security.” Given that mobile use is booming along with mobile-ready biometric security technology, and given that large mobile companies are looking for competitive advantages in a market of cheapening technology and increasing consolidation, Carbonics may be in a very good position to market what might be a major cross-platform technological advancement.