New Cinterion LTE Module Offers IoT Connectivity Solutions

New Cinterion LTE Module Offers IoT Connectivity SolutionsDigital security specialist Gemalto has officially announced its new M2M Category 1 (Cat 1) LTE wireless module. Part of Gemalto’s Cinterion line, the module has a range of potential applications.

The module received Verizon certification last week, paving the way forward for its debut on the US market. But in a statement officially announcing the new offering, Gemalto also pointed to its utility in the Middle East and Africa, where it can enable a 2G baseline of connectivity; meanwhile, in North America, the module allows for 3G connectivity in areas where LTE is not available. It also comes equipped with its own Java virtual machine, allowing for embedded processing capabilities.

Gemalto is aiming the solutions at the Internet of Things, where its small form factor could enable a wide range of machine-to-machine applications, particularly in the industrial IoT. Commenting on the module, Gemalto VP Axel Hansmann said that the new Cinterion product “enables easy migration for our existing customers who benefit from the rapidly evolving wireless networks from a single design, and provides our new customers with a simple and cost effective path to the future.”