New Data Sheds Light on Apple Pay Use

New Data Sheds Light on Apple Pay UseInteresting new data on Apple Pay is emerging from Phoenix Marketing International.

In a new report, the marketing services firm outlined its most recent findings. Among them is the fact that in-app purchases make up a considerable proportion of Apple Pay’s credit card transactions: a survey conducted after the first year of Apple Pay’s service found that 67 percent of users made in-app transactions, and of its total credit card transactions, 38 percent were made in-app, as opposed to in-store. Apple itself was the retailer at the other end of most of these transactions, at 43 percent, with Target and Nike following at 36 and 29 percent respectively.

Looking at in-store transactions, Phoenix found that, again, Apple topped the list of retailers, at 42 percent, though McDonald’s followed close behind at 41 percent. With Subway not far behind at 32 percent, this could suggest that fast food may become a major gateway for mPayments in general, with rival PayPal having shown good judgement in trying to compete in this area. Macy’s, Nike, and Walgreens were also in close range, at 36 percent, 31 percent, and 31 percent respectively.

Also worth noting: Regional differences were pronounced. Commenting on the findings in a statement, Phoenix Marketing International Director of Card Research Greg Weed said that only a “handful of states” accounted for half of all credit card transactions in the survey. Apple Pay is spreading, but not evenly.