New Frost & Sullivan Report Urges Innovation in Cybersecurity

cybersecurityMajor growth consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan has released a new report highlighting the increasing need for innovation in cybersecurity. The report, entitled “Impact of Cybersecurity Innovations in Key Sectors (Technical Insights)”, points to relatively new technological security solutions like those offered via biometrics.

What compels the need for these new security solutions? The fact that everything is going online. The Frost & Sullivan report points to the increasing interconnectivity of the Internet of Things as a particular issue to contend with – and isn’t the first to do so, as even now, heeding security experts’ warnings, federal regulators in the United States are struggling with this very topic.

Speaking in a press release, Technical Insights Research Analyst Debarun Guha Thakurta says that the IoT “will open up innumerable attack surfaces for cyber attackers to leverage,” with the result that “endpoint and wireless network security for IoT will leap to the forefront of technology development and wide-scale adoption.”

Also of concern are the areas of big data, cloud computing, and wireless communication, and the report pays particular attention to the financial services, healthcare, communications, energy, and manufacturing sectors. And in addition to the more common forms of biometrics, the report also nods toward “device behavior analysis” as a major security solution – which could tie in well with the nascent behavioral biometrics field that is beginning to pick up steam.