New iOS May Put iPhone at Center of the Smart Home

New iOS May Put iPhone at Center of the Smart HomeNew leaks on the next Apple iOS indicate that it’s going to sport a major new feature that will bring it into the domain of the Internet of Things, according to a Forbes article by Gordon Kelly. iOS 9 may also sport a new font, and improved multitasking functionality.

The big new feature is the “Home” app. Home is meant to act as a central control hub for various connected devices in the smart home via HomeKit products from third-party developers. In theory, it will allow users to remotely control things like thermostats and coffee makers, and Kelly reports that it will also likely incorporate voice command. It’s an ambitious new initiative that will allow Apple to carve out a place for itself in the burgeoning IoT market, which is already seeing major companies debut the technological architecture to support such connected devices.

There are also very strong indications that Apple is working to replace its current Helvetica Neue font, which some find difficult to read, with the custom-designed San Francisco font that is already on display on the latest MacBook’s keyboard; but, as Kelly notes, a system-wide font replacement is a huge undertaking, and so it may not be ready in time for iOS 9. As for multitasking capabilities, it’s not really clear what Apple has in store, but the improved processing power expected for the new iPhones and the forthcoming iPad Pro suggest that the new iOS will allow users new functionalities to help them get the most use out of their devices.

We can expect to learn more about these developments at Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) in early June.