New Mobile Biometrics App Aspires to Be Virtual Doctor

vital biometrics and wearable techA new Vancouver-based startup is developing a new app that aspires to offer MD-grade diagnosis of biometric data collected from wearable and mobile devices. Dubbed “DOCTO”, the app will be able to analyze data collected from a variety of devices, thereby providing a higher level of diagnosis than what is on offer from most current commercial biometric apps, which generally simply act as data collectors and do not provide substantial analysis.

The company developing the app, also called DOCTO, notes in a colorfully-written press release that the app’s technology will be compatible with the standard biometrics such as heart rate and blood pressure, but also newer biometric readings, such as sweat analysis, that have come into play with wearable tech. The company claims that its product will be able to provide a range a diagnoses, from notifying athletes when they are pushing their bodies too far, to identifying recurrent hypoglycemia in diabetics.

While there’s a growing plethora of health apps collecting biometric data from mobile and wearable devices, such as Apple’s HealthKit platform, many don’t offer a substantial level of diagnosis, perhaps out of legal liability concerns or a recognition of the limitations of technology; but DOCTO’s announcement follows on the recent launch of a ‘mobile laboratory’ platform that could be used to treat diseases in the field. And as more advanced R&D is performed in the burgeoning market of mobile-driven remote healthcare, we can expect to see more such apps and devices in the near future.