New Oppo Smartphone Uses FPC Sensor

New Oppo Smartphone Uses FPC SensorA Fingerprint Cards (FPC) fingerprint sensor has found its way into another China-made smartphone. Oppo has announced that its new R7 Plus smartphone uses the FPC1025 sensor.

In a statement, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto pointed out that Oppo is a repeat customer, having embedded the FPC1021 sensor into its Oppo N3 last year. “Oppo is a leading smartphone manufacturer in China and we are proud that Oppo selected FPC1025 for R7 Plus,” he said.

It’s another of the integrations that have helped to push up FPC’s revenues above the company’s original projections for 2015; it was only yesterday that we reported another one in the case of Yulong and its Coolpad Tiptop Pro mobile device. The company has apparently found a reliable source of business in China-based OEMs, and is poised to continue funnelling its technology into the region’s booming smartphone market.