12 New Patents Bring Valencell IT Portfolio to 29

12 New Patents Bring Valencell IT Portfolio to 29Biometric wearables specialist Valencell has received approval for 12 new patents, the company has announced. Ten are in the US, while the other two were granted by authorities in Europe and Japan; all told, they bring the company’s IP portfolio to 29 patents.

The new patents’ titles refer to a range of technologies and applications: “Biometric monitor housing”, “Wearable monitoring devices having sensors and light guides”, “Noninvasive physiological analysis using excitation-sensor modules and related devices and methods”. But in a press release, Valencell asserted that the new patents generally “recognize advancements in motion-tolerant biometric sensor technology that enable wearable devices to deliver insightful fitness and health assessments.”

The patents, and the breadth and depth of Valencell’s IT portfolio more generally, are important because the company prides itself on the sophistication of its biometric technology, particularly with respect to wearables. Its in-house testing has previously suggested that its PerformTek wearable devices offer more accurate biometric cardiac readings than the Apple Watch, a luxury smartwatch offering relatively advanced biometric capabilities. That kind of technological sophistication is not only Valencell’s value proposition in the market, but it also helps to build the company’s credibility as a health and fitness advocate for the Consumer Electronics Association.

Speaking on the new patents, Valencell co-founder and president Dr. Steven LeBoeuf asserted, “These new patents further illustrate our technology’s ability to track key biometric measurements in wearables of all shapes and sizes with the accuracy needed to make real health assessments.”