New Report Looks at Boom in Smart Medical Tech

vital biometrics and wearable techMarket research firm Research and Markets has issued a new report on the technological advancements underway in “smart healthcare”. The report, entitled “Short-range Wireless Communications Technologies and Their Applications in Smart Healthcare”, sheds light on what the researchers call a boom in the production of smart, mobile, and personalized medical electronics.

The process has been underway for a while, in large part led by advancements in mobile devices. Now that smartphones have become more or less ubiquitous in many countries and increasingly features advanced imaging and biometric technology, many more individuals are now able to effectively participate in remote care, often leapfrogging ahead of the traditional channels of their healthcare systems. These advancements, coupled with others in the realm of wearable technology, have even prompted prestigious schools such as Stanford University to open research centres dedicated to this burgeoning field.

Such advancements are even pushing forward medical care at the front lines, with biometric technologies like fingerprint scanning allowing EMS personnel to immediately identify individuals and access pertinent health data. And at least one startup is even working on a device that could turn a smartphone into a mobile medical lab capable of analyzing biological samples collected in the field.

Advances in mobile and smart technology will continue to push these frontiers forward, and we can be sure to expect further reports from market researchers as the advancements continue.