Two New Smartphones Sport Synaptics Tech

Two Major New Smartphones Integrate Synaptics TechSynaptics technology has found its way into two major new smartphones, the company has announced. Lenovo’s new Vibe P1 device will feature Synaptics’ Natural ID FS4202 sensor, while Xiaomi’s Mi4c integrates Synaptics’ ClearPad S3708 capacitive touch controller.

In the case of Lenovo’s new device, the technology in play is a fingerprint touch sensor enabling the Vibe P1 to offer biometric authentication for things like screen unlock and app access. Synaptics’ Natural ID FS4202 sensor uses AES256-bit encryption to protect that biometric data, and is also FIDO Certified, providing a high level of assurance with respect to the security of its biometric system. That makes the Vibe P1 a particularly good medium for mPayment transactions, with new platform such as Android Pay relying on fingerprint biometrics for authentication.

Meanwhile, the ClearPad S3708 in use in Xiaomi’s Mi4c isn’t a fingerprint sensor at all. Rather, it’s a side-mounted touch controller based on Synaptics’ SideTouch technology, essentially offering a novel means of user interface by offering an extra degree of control that isn’t based on touchscreen interaction. For example, via the ClearPad S3708, users can scroll up and down on a webpage without having to block their view of the screen with their fingers.

Xiaomi’s Mi4c is the first smartphone to use Synaptics’ SideTouch technology, and should provide a strong platform on which to advertise it for further integrations. And while Lenovo’s Vibe P1 isn’t the first smartphone to integrate Natural ID technology, it is a prominent new device that could, through its mPayment capabilities, offer another strong demonstration of Synaptics secure technology.