New Solution Puts Mobile Biometrics in Hands of Bankers

Fingerprint protection icons on green background. Vector illustration.

Biometric credentialing solutions provider Credence ID has teamed up with mobile biometrics app developer ADO Technologies to deploy new banking solutions in Panama and Columbia, the companies have announced. The solutions were developed for two unnamed banks in the countries.

Together the companies developed a means by which the identities of bank customers can be authenticated remotely and accurately in order to approve their access to credit card services. The solution has bank representatives visit these new customers at their offices or homes, check their national IDs, and scan their fingerprints using the CredenceOne Android device, which operates in conjunction with ADO’s ID Management Suite for Banking app. It was developed to help fight against identity theft, which is seen as a plague on the region’s financial services industry.

Financial services organizations are increasingly looking to biometric authentication as a means of both cutting down fraud and improving the customer experience, and that’s especially true as more and more customers expect to do their financial transactions online or via mobile. The Credence ID device is notable for providing an Android-based SDK that is adaptable to partners of the company interested in developing their own apps, though together with ADO’s banking platform it already serves a valuable function for the companies’ client banks – one that is ready to be emulated by others in the financial services sector seeking to improve customer onboarding by making it both more efficient and more secure.